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URBAHIA is an established luxury fashion brand in Paris. Known for a minimalistic design and long-lasting quality. We offer sustainable showerproof jackets and trench coats with timeless and functional designs. Dedicated to urban modern ladies and men, who want to wear elegantly but comfortably, feel secure and be protected.


Brand Story

URBAHIA was founded by French designer Guillaume Gaveriaux in 2006, influenced by the family’s artistic culture and architecture in Rome’s hometown. After spending years together with Givenchy’s footwear and handbag designers, the creative develops a collection of women’s clothing focused on trench coats. After achieving great success in the Milan Fashion Week in Italy, the brand was introduced in France at L’Eclaireur, in Italy at Penelope di Brescia, Degli Effetti di Roma, in New York at Takashimaya. In 2012 the Russian and Chinese markets became key objectives for expansion, today the brand can count on a network of 300 customers in Europe and around the world. In terms of product, today URBAHIA is focused on a sustainable strategy based on a strong intemporal design and new natural fabrics such as nettles threads. The first asset for sustainability remains quality with an amazing life-time for each jackets remaining fashionable thanks to a great feminine design and functional innovation.

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Guillaume Gaveriaux


Nous voulons offrir à la mode le moyen d’être vraiment durable. 
Créer des modèles intemporels et de qualité pour durer, durer longtemps par leur style et leur qualité.  
Il ne s’agit pas seulement de revendiquer des matières à faible émission de CO2 mais de décider de renoncer à la mode d’un jour, d’une saison, la ‘’fast fashion’’ 
C’est parce que le défi était grand que nous nous sommes spécialisés avec passion pour l’atteindre. 
Aujourd’hui nos clientes témoignent qu’elles nous portent parfois plus de 10 ans.  


We want to give fashion the way to be truly sustainable. 
Create timeless and quality models to last, to last a long time by their style and their quality. 
It is not only a question of claiming materials with low CO2 emissions but of deciding to give up the fashion of a day, of a season, “fast fashion”. 
It is because the challenge was great that we specialized with passion to achieve it. 
Today our customers testify that they sometimes wear us for more than 10 years. 

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Phone : +33-6 09 20 05 95

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