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J'ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer le créateur d'Urbahia aujourd'hui et de partager un merveilleux moment en sa compagnie dans le showroom de la marque au beau milieu de ses créations toutes plus élégantes, fines et travaillées les unes que les autres. Après avoir passé les 10 derniers hivers bien au chaud (& au sec - & à vélo tous les jours à Paris, ça veut dire beaucoup!) dans une veste Urbahia, il était inimaginable de changer une équipe qui gagne! Mes hivers à venir seront donc sous le signe de ma nouvelle veste Twiggy, modèle phare de la marque, à la fois original, intemporel et tellement Fashion!
Pauline Seguin
Urbahia is a well-kept secret amongst those who love good quality, beautiful clothes that will last a lifetime. I love that the brand is not on every high street, and every piece is an investment that represents the very opposite of disposable fashion. I bought an Urbahia full length coat several years ago, and still wear it every winter. It's warm and practical, but incredibly stylish - not an easy combination to find. I've always wanted a shorter length version, and this year, bought the "Twiggy" hooded short coat in black/black. It has all the trademark features of an Urbahia coat: beautifully cut and crafted with warm lining, waterproof and with those special inbuilt mittens that are both useful and stylish. The attention to detail is amazing (size zips to make the skirt wider if you want, inside zip pockets, cuffs that can be narrowed and rolled over or left wide and long, beautiful collar that can be worn in different ways, and detachable hood. I absolutely love this coat and know I'll be wearing it for years.
Rionach o'Flynn

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